Full Height Ladder Safety Gate



The Full Height Ladder Safety Gate is an OSHA- and ANSI-compliant swing gate system that reduces the chance of falls on elevated platforms, mezzanines and ladderways. The Full Height Ladder Safety Gate provides a 42″ top rail, mid-rail and 5″ safety toeboard for increased personnel protection.

  • Ships fully assembled – Designed to fit any existing railing system – standard pipe, angle iron, flat bar or even an existing wall.
  • Self-closing and always in place.
  • Simple installation. Bolt directly to railing (hardware not included) or by purchasing and using a no-drill adapter bracket kit. Contact us for more detail.

These are available sizes of safety gates

Opening Dimension Powder Coat Yellow Galvanized Stainless Steel SS 304-2b
16-3/4″ to 20-1/2″ LSGF-18-PCY LSGF-18-GAL LSGF-18-SS
19-3/4″ to 23-1/2″ LSGF-21-PCY LSGF-21-GAL LSGF-21-SS
22-3/4″ to 26-1/2″ LSGF-24-PCY LSGF-24-GAL LSGF-24-SS
25-3/4″ to 29-1/2″ LSGF-27-PCY LSGF-27-GAL LSGF-27-SS
28-3/4″ to 32-1/2″ LSGF-30-PCY LSGF-30-GAL LSGF-30-SS
31-3/4″ to 35-1/2″ LSGF-33-PCY LSGF-33-GAL LSGF-33-SS
34-3/4″ to 38-1/2″ LSGF-36-PCY LSGF-36-GAL LSGF-36-SS


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